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I am a potter & photographer from Western Pennsylvania.  Growing up in the Keystone State among its farms, machine shops and wilds, I know the values of hard work, conservation and quality craftsmanship.  My work philosophy is founded in my belief in the power of naturalistic simplicity.  Through my work, I look to craft pottery and photographs that magnify that perspective whilst maintaining authenticity.  It is my hope that folks may find as much joy in my pots and photographs as I find in making them.


I create pottery that is gestural and fun while remaining within the discipline of everyday function.  In many of my forms, I use my hands to make impressions in the soft clay after they are thrown to  emulate the hills, valleys, creeks, and ridges of the Appalachian Plateau where I grew up. 

In other forms, I achieve my desired effects through subtle alterations and placement in the kiln or  effects such as firing marks through strategic wadding. These methods serve as a departure point  from stereotypical forms, as well as the excess, and industrial plainness which simultaneously  pervade contemporary society. The work is finished in an atmospheric environment resulting in  surfaces that are a peaceful coalescence of random variations, colors, and depth obtained through  the chaos of powerful elemental forces. This process relates very much to my journey in life.  I identify with the pottery’s harrowing trial  in the kiln, and final tempered character.

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